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Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled: but fornicators and adulterers God will judge. (Hebrews 13:4 -AKJV)
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3 Stages of Marriage
Which stage is your marriage in?
Learn what a Love Buster is and how they are detroying the intimacy in your marriage
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Dynamic Marriage Class
Do you want to feel the passion & excitement of a newlywed again?
Give us "8 Weeks" and we will give you a "Dynamic Marriage!"
Ordinary marriages become exciting!
Great marriages become exceptional!
The class that’s about transformation, not just information! Dynamic Marriages is our powerful, marriage enrichment course that creates real and lasting change.
Unlike many other marriage classes, its distinctive format encourages couples to break through barriers to intimacy, not just talk about them.
Over eight weeks, couples meet to discuss new concepts, develop new skills and delve into the unique ‘dynamics’ of their own marriage.
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(12 couples per class)
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 Our Vision For Marriages
Our desire is to help couples learn to have a truly happy, healthy, and faithful marriage, honoring their vows beyond the wedding day.
We have asked God to use us to lead couples through interactive courses that teach them to recognize the destructive tactics that the enemy uses to destroy marital relationships, then affecting change in that behavior.
By strenghtening the marriage not only do husbands and wives benefit, but it then causes that new found strength and knowledge to trickle down throughout their household to affect their children and future generations.
Our goal is not just to educate but to actually change behavior by teaching couples how to actually apply what they learn.
We want to teach couples that Marriage is a honorable estate created by God. Two Christians who are married cannot leave God outside their marriage, God will always be the unseen, silent, supportive always loving Lord of the marriage.
(A threefold cord is not quickly broken...Ecclesiastes 4:12)
Seminar Topics:
"Fundamentals of  Marriage"
"Are you Enjoying or Enduring your Marriage"
"What it Really Means to Love"
"Did you Mean Maybe or I Do"
"Loneliness In Marriage"
"Meeting Each Others Emotional Needs"
"Leaving and Cleaving"
and so much more......
Most couples wait 6 years before they seek help once they have a problem
Most divorces occur in the first 7 years of  marriage...
Half of all American Marriages end in Divorce...
Divorce Hurts Us All
Divorce does not  just affect the two people in the marriage; it also affects everyone in the circle of friends and family that surround the two people.
Marriage Retreats
It is a must that couples get away from the stresses of life to relax & reconnect with each other.
Join us on one of our Exciting Marriage  Retreats to Lake Resorts, The Great Smokey Mountains, Cruises and lots more exciting locations to come..
Lake Resort Retreat
                Enjoying Cabin on Mountain Retreat
                             Cruise Retreats
"Pray for us as we Endeavour to be a Blessing to Marriages Everywhere"
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